Her Story is HIM

Bridgett Macklin was born in Jackson, Mississippi; attended and graduated from Jackson Public Schools. 

She completed her postsecondary education with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Belhaven University (Jackson, MS). 

Over 20 years ago, Bridgett heard the Lord say, "Serve." and she obeyed God. She quit her job and cleaned houses to earn money, in order to serve in full time ministry. Bridgett didn't start with volunteers or a big budget. Bridgett did not wait to get the approval of her pastor, nor did she ask for support for her local church. She started serving others with what God already provided. She started serving the food she had with her daughters by her side.  

After starting in ministry:

- She lost her son. But she still obeyed God.

- She lost her husband. But she still obeyed God.

- She lost her mother. But she still obeyed God.

- She raised her daughters to pray and obey God.

 - She lived on public assistance (for a season). But she obeyed God. 

- She had to move, with her daughters, into a shelter. But she obeyed God.

- She was given a house to live in, that she turned into a shelter. She obeyed God.

     Due to Bridgett's faithfulness and grace to obey God, God's Homeless Haven was born. A nonprofit ministry, whose mission is to proclaim and demonstrate the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ by meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, women, and children who are homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless. She started with her teenage twin daughters, with a younger daughter at home. In her kitchen, her and the girls, would prepare meals with the food they had and take it out to homeless that lived around the city of Jackson. Bridgett, with the twins, would be seen going into heavy wooded areas, setting up next to abandoned buildings, and parks - just to provide a warm meal and share her faith in Christ. At the beginning, from time-to-time, others would join in and serve the homeless and less fortunate. But many days and nights, it was just her and the girls. Her obedience to serve as God had instructed, would mean that her resources had to match her capacity to worship the Lord through servanthood. So, Bridgett believed that God would supply her with everything that the people would need. She began feeding and clothing 10 and 20 families a week. Volunteers came from everywhere. God would send wealthy families to provide resources and to serve the homeless. She believed God. And he gave her houses, land, and the financial resources to assist families with utilities, transportation, and a free Summer Camp - EVERY YEAR!!! 

 A woman that never desires the stage, the spotlight, or taking photographs! She really only wants her accolades, accomplishments, and material gains to be shared when they give glory to God. 

1. Who Am I? 

A servant who loves to serve. Widow with 3 daughters, who had an encounter with Jesus that completely changed my life.

2. What do I Do? 


3. Why do you do what I do? 

Because I fell in love with a Man (Jesus); and because I once knew what it felt like to be Lost.

4. Who do I do it for? 

Out of my love for HIM flows obedience! The 'Who' are the main people the ministry focuses on, The Lost.


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